Selected examples of various papers from seminars while a graduate student. All materials provided herein are the property of the author and any use of these materials must be properly cited. Moreover, all examples are unpublished draft versions and thus may contain errors or reflect the time period in which they were written.

  • “‘Record EVERYthing!’: Charles Seeger, Sidney Robertson, and the Collection of Folk Music under the New Deal”—Master’s paper for the University of California Santa Cruz; completed Spring 2009; Leta Miller thesis adviser, Amy C. Beal, second reader: Davidson Sidney Robertson Masters Reading Copy
  • “A Brief History of Instantaneous Nitrocellulose Lacquer Discs, A Study of Their Physical and Chemical Composition, and an Investigation into Storage and Preservation Techniques,” University of Texas seminar paper, INF 392L “Audio Preservation and Reformatting,” Professor Sarah Cunningham: Davidson Instantaneous Discs Final Paper
  • “The Shifting Trace: Continuity, Variation, and Authorship in Anglo-American Folksong,” UC Santa Cruz seminar paper, “Music and Discourse,” Fall 2009, Professor Fredric Lieberman: Davidson – The Shifting Trace
  • “The Cane Mutiny: African American Fife-and-Drum Bands in the Southern United States and its Regional Variants in Africa and the Caribbean,” UC Santa Cruz seminar paper “Organology and Acoustics Seminar,” Spring 2009, Professor Fredric Lieberman: Davidson Fife and Drum Paper
  • “The Folk as Community Asset: Defining ‘Folkness’ through Government-Sponsored Field Recordings of the 1930s,” UC Santa Cruz seminar paper, “Introduction to Cultural Studies,” Professor James Clifford, Spring 2010: Davidson Clifford Cultural Studies Paper



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