Mark Andrew Davidson
Ph.D., Cultural Musicology, University of California, Santa Cruz (ABD)
MSIS, University of Texas, Austin
Editorial Associate, Journal of the Society for American Music

About Me:
My career goals are to become a musicologist within a university Music or American Studies department and to research and teach courses on music in the United States and related areas of inquiry. I also plan to publish widely on subjects related to my music and information studies background, including a book and related articles (based on my dissertation) about WPA folk music collecting projects in the 1930s; music archiving as it pertains to computer- or electronic-based compositions made with legacy hardware and software; and issues of musical aesthetics in digital preservation projects.

I endeavor to work in an environment that encourages interdisciplinary interactions, where I can best put to use my varied research interests and background in musicology and information studies. I hope to work closely with an institution’s librarians, archivists, and digital scholars in order to foster the widest possible avenues for future scholarship and collaborative output.

Research Interests:
Musicology/Ethnomusicology: Historical Musicology, Historical Ethnomusicology, Folk and Popular Music Studies, Music and Politics, Copyright Law and Music Ownership, Cultural Studies, Sound Studies, Organology and Acoustics, History of Recording Technology

Archiving and Librarianship: Audio Preservation, Music Archiving and Librarianship, Digital Composition Archiving (Electroacoustic and Computer-Based Compositions on Legacy Hardware and Software), Digital Humanities and Online Music Archiving Projects


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